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Soal TOEFL STRUCTURE dan Pembahasannya

1. Martha Graham, ____________ of the
pioneers of modern dance, didn’t begin
dancing until she was 21.
(A) who, as one
(B) she was
(C) one
(D) was one
The Answer is A (One)
The only choice that correctly completes this sentence is an appositive.

2. There are thousand of different types of roses.
       A                 B                  C                    D
Answer : B (thousand)
The plural verb are indicates that a plural subject, thousands, must be used.

3. Sponges have neither heads or separate body organs
                         A                     B     C                                D
Answer : C (or)
The correct pattern is neither . . . nor.

4. Tiger moths __________ wings marked with
stripes or spots.
(A) have
(B) with
(C) their
(D) whose
Answer : A (have)
A verb is required to complete the sentence.

5. The first recorded use of natural gas to light street lamps it was in the town of Frederick, New York, in
                            A                                             B                                C                  D
Answer : B (it was)
 The use of the pronoun subject it is unnecessary; it should be omitted.

6. Most of Annie Jump Cannon’s career as an
astronomer involved the observation,
classification, and _________________.
(A) she analyzed stars
(B) the stars’ analysis
(C) stars were analyzed
(D) analysis of stars
Answer : D (analysis of stars)
 For parallelism, a noun phrase is required.

7. The French Quarter is the most famous and the most old section of New Orleans.
                                              A                 B                           C                     D
Answer : C (most old)
 The superlative form of a one-syllable adjective (old) is formed with the suffix -est: oldest.

8. Liquids take the shape of any container which in they are placed.
                                  A                B                         C                            D
Answer : C (which)
 in The preposition must precede the relative pronoun: in which.

9. There are several races of giraffes, but there are only one species.
          A               B                                      C             D
Answer : D (are)
 The subject of the clause (one species) is singular, so the singular verb is must be used.

10. Platinum is harder than copper and is
almost as pliable __________.
(A) gold
(B) than gold
(C) as gold
(D) gold is
Answer : C (as gold)
 The correct way to complete this comparison is by completing the as + adjective + as phrase (as pliable as gold.)

11. Many communities are dependent on
groundwater __________ from wells for
their water supply.
(A) that obtained
(B) obtained
(C) is obtained
(D) obtain it
Answer : B (obtained)
 The only correct way to complete this sentence is with a participle (obtained really means which is obtained).

12. Boolean algebra is most often used to solve problems in logic, probability, and engineer.
                                                 A                         B                             C                                          D
Answer : D (engineer)
 To be parallel with the other words in the series (logic and probability), the name of the field (engineering) must be used.

13. There were __________ federal laws
regulating mining practices until 1872.
(A) none
(B) not
(C) no
(D) nor
Answer : C (no)
 The adjective no is needed before the noun phrase federal laws.

14. A number of the materials used in manufacturing paint are potential dangerous if mishandled.
                 A                                                                                      B        C                                        D
Answer : C (potential)
 An adverb (potentially), not an adjective (potential), is needed.

15. __________ experimental studies of the
aging process, psychologist Ross McFarland
determined that people could work
productively much longer than had
previously been thought.
(A) In that
(B) Through
(C) Since
(D) Into

Answer : B (Through)
 This sentence can be correctly completed only with an introductory prepositional phrase (Through experimental studies).

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